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An Angel Saves Man From Accident-Awesome

“This historic, extraordinary 42-second tape at first shows a quiet street intersection by night somewhere in Asia with some passing cars. Then a truck swiftly approaches the intersection, just as a man with a pushcart emerges from the left side of the street right in front of the truck. There is a sudden flash of light as a figure, moving with supernatural speed, reaches the man/pushcart from the right, and they all vanish, as the truck zooms through the very space where the man with the pushcart had just been! As the worried truck driver stops, jumps out and goes to the back to look for the man/pushcart he thinks he just hit, the man/pushcart suddenly reappear in another flash of light at the upper right of the screen, along with a shadowy human figure of the supernatural rescuer clad in jacket and jeans, who pats the pushcart, looks at the rescued man as if to make sure he is alright, then quickly walks into the shadows to the right as the rescued man drops down in shock on the curb, and the worried truck driver looks on from the middle of the street as the video ends. Now we can clearly see, from a digital camera capable of capturing phenomena beyond the realm of the third dimension, that such seeming miracles do happen!” – Connie Smith

Two Jet Fighters Escorting A UFO

Mechanics of Ascension all 8 parts